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Meet the core team

Interested in the project and want to join our team? Send us a message at flaschenkinoapp [at]gmail.com

Creative Director
Fernando Silvestrin

Creative director, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Fernando is the co-founder of Kombru and creator of the Flaschenkino app. http://work.fsilvestrin.com/

Executive Producer
Ulla Vogel

Freelancer film producer, Ulla always works with a happy smile. She is specialized in making impossible good things happen. http://www.ullavogel.de/

Executive Producer
Philipp Schmalriede

Executive producer and partner at Cobblestone, Phillip will help you with anything you need, as long as FC. St Pauli is not playing. https://www.cobblestone.de/

Project Manager
Steffen Gerdes

Filmmaker, father and project manager at Viva con Agua. Steffen is the perfect link between Flaschenkino and Viva con Agua.

Meet the artists
Jon Drypnz

Multidisciplinary artist Jon Drypnz has been creating murals and bits of visual expression in New Zealand, and around the world.

Aditya Aryal

Visual artist, Aditya is a multilayered Nepali painter. His work constitutes forms of human expression across imaginative patterns. https://adityaryal.wordpress.com/


Kymat is Sven Meyer. He creates installations and live performances that visually renders sound. His work presents the architecture of life through sound and water. https://kymat.de/

Meet the supporters

Freelance copywriter, creative consultant and creator of the Flaschenkino app. Rocco can help with concept, copy, art, and photography. http://christianorocco.com/

Film Production

With offices in Hamburg and Berlin, Cobblestone have been listed under the top 10 of Germany’s most creative production companies. http://www.cobblestone.de/

Film Production

A full service post-production house. Slaughterhouse services includes production coordination, editing, online compositing, VFX, motion graphics, 3D/CGI, grading etc. https://www.slgh.com/

Video rental

Film and production technical equipment rental in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne. For more, visit: https://cinegate.prg.com/

Web Agency

Digital service provider in the freelancer era. Finekost creates digital products and good digital communication. More https://www.finekost.com/

Digital Studio

Hamburg based digital studio for interdisciplinary projects in the fields of culture, online and digital film. https://www.eins23.tv/de/

Design agency
Designbüro Persch

Award winning design agency based in Hamburg. Every piece of work has functionally as well as simplicity and beauty. https://bueropersch.de/en/home/

Film Production

Hansastrasse is a pool of specialists. Their work includes a multitude of design disciplines and supervision of film and photosets. http://www.hansastrasse.com/

Film Production
Red Pinata

Professional film production Studio in Hamburg. From pre-production to post-production. From events to 3d animations. Visit http://redpinata.com/

Sound studio
Hahn Nitzsche

Sound studio based in Hamburg. Audio postproduction for film, TV, radio, cinema and Internet.

Film Production

Full service postproduction network based in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Collaborating on moving image, design, digital projects and music. http://www.nhb.de/en/

Creative Studio

Tendril creates richly imaginative worlds for cinema, print, digital, games and broadcast across the world. Learn more about their work  http://www.tendril.ca/

Music production

Nordmeister is a music production team based in Venice Beach, California. They write and produce music for artists, commercials and film. http://nordmeister.net/

Creative Studio

Full-service creative studio. Optix and their team includes award winning talent including producers, directors, animators, visual effects artists, etc http://www.optixhamburg.de/