Download the app

Download and open the Flaschenkino app. Make sure you have a Viva con Agua bottle around.

Position the phone

Position the smartphone over a table and the VcA bottle on top of it, as instructed. Select the video you would like to watch and look through the bottle hole.

Enjoy the immersive experience

To enhance the experience, we recommend to watch the video in a dark room and the usage of headphones.

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Not a traditional NGO.

The app was born from a simple problem: people who buy Viva con Agua think they are just a water brand from Sankt Pauli, having little idea about their social projects. Flaschenkino wants to use the power of film, technology and creativity to inspire people to come on board.

Let's make social art

Join the Flaschenkino team and use your skills and creativity to help Viva con Agua social projects. More content will nourish and expand our network of supporters. Are you in?

A small creative team

Visual artists, copywriters, directors, musicians, motion designers, creative producers, art directors, 3d artists and graphic designers are all welcome to join our team.

  1. Together with Viva con Agua we can develop and craft a story based on their social projects and special needs.
  2. Bring your unique skills, creative spirit and social activism to the table, and let's create something unique.

Concept and Film production

We can produce high quality film content, either live action, animation or a mixture of both.

  1. Idea development
  2. Pre-production
  3. Post-production

Water for all.
All for water.

Selling water is only one of the ways that Viva con Agua uses to generate funds for its projects. Concerts, parties, fashion shows, football matches, marathons, exhibitions, and more. These ideas have one goal: raise money for access to clean drinking water for all.

millerntor gallery logo

Millerntor Gallery

Every year we showcase the Flaschenkino films at the Gallery. It's a great way to discover new artists and support the cause.

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viva con agua festivals

Viva con Agua Festivals

Bring the Flaschenkino on the road. Tour across Germany with the VcA crew, meet new supporters and expand the network.

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